A Model for Sustainable Energy

A Model for Sustainable Energy, Ethiopia Offers Refugees Hope, Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia

Ethiopia allows almost 1 million refugees to live outside of camps, register births, attend schools, and have access to financial services such as bank accounts; thanks to a combination of technology, policy, and resources, Orkney now produces more electricity than it can use; and Saudi Arabia lifts men’s permission requirement for women’s maternal health decisions.

More Rights for India’s Women


More Rights for India’s Women, Urban Humanitarian Space in Colombia, Making Paint Recycling Accessible

India’ Supreme Court ended a centuries-old law that had forbidden women of menstruating age from entering a prominent Hindu temple; despite violence and continued threats from gangs, communities in Buenaventura, Colombia declared an urban humanitarian space denouncing armed violence; and Community RePaint is helping communities and low-income households reuse leftover paint, reducing hazardous waste.