Fighting Online Trolls


Fighting Online Trolls, The Future of Toilets, Experiencing Autism Through Virtual Reality

#Jagärhär (#Iamhere) is a Swedish group of about 75,000 people that fight online abuse, supporting and defending those under attack; tiger worms process waste into water and compost, eliminating 99% of pathogens and 85% of solid material; “An Empathy Bridge for Autism” uses virtual reality to help people experience the sensory and motor challenges of those suffering from autism.

Free Public Transportation in Luxembourg


Free Public Transportation in Luxembourg, “Flying Shame”, Solar Power Transforming Communities

Luxembourg’s government seeks to end some of the world’s worst traffic congestion by lifting the fares on public transportation; as a result of the ‘flying shame’ movement in Sweden, railway bookings have risen by more than 100 percent on certain routes; and mountain communities in Mexico are training their members to install solar panels in order to create employment and regain control over land and resources.