Scotland Powered by Wind


Scotland Powered by Wind, Clean Energy from Sewage, Indonesian Forest Rights

Wind power met 98% of Scotland’s electricity demand in October and also surpassed national demand on over half of the days; scientists have found a bacteria that can pull 100% of the carbon present in any type of organic waste, turning it into hydrogen gas that can be used for fuel; and indigenous communities in Indonesia are protecting their customary forests from mining and palm oil plantations by reclaiming them from state control.

World’s Largest E-Bike Fleet


World’s Largest E-Bike Fleet, Afghan Woman Scales Mt. Noshaq, Scotland Teaches LGBTI Rights

Paris’s regional transport agency will offer rentals of 10,000 e-bikes in September 2019, with plans to expand the program to 20,000; braving frostbite and the Taliban, Hanifa Yousoufi scaled Afghanistan’s highest peak, Mount Noshaq, striking a blow for gender equality; and state schools in Scotland will be required to include LGBTI inclusive education in the curriculum.