Kerala Is Using Plastic to Pave Roads, Israeli and Palestinian Youth Strike Together, Reforestation in Ethiopia

The south Indian state of Kerala has used 9,700 tonnes of non-recyclable, shredded plastic waste to pave 246 km of roads; more than 500 Palestinian and Israeli students put aside their political differences in order to protest climate change inaction; Ethiopia launches ambitious reforestation project seeking to reduce the adverse impacts of climate change.

Del Taco to Add Pea-Based "Meat"


Del Taco to Add Pea-Based “Meat”, the Psychology of Peace, Record Solar Panel Installations in Australia

Del Taco customers will soon be able to request pea-based, environmentally-friendly “meat” as an alternative to any protein in Del Taco products; Israeli researchers are running a unique experiment in order to understand the psychology behind the Israel-Palestine conflict; Australia installed almost 50 percent more rooftop panels in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the same period last year.