Free heathcare for women and children


Free Health Care for Women and Children in Mali, Breakthrough in Geothermal, Ending Food Waste

Mali provides free health care to pregnant women and young children; generally relying on volcanic heat, a Swedish company claims it can generate power at lower temperatures, allowing geothermal energy to be produced as widely as wind and solar; and by placing refrigerators in community centers, a British environmental charity makes sure that restaurants and supermarkets can donate excess food while keeping it fresh.

Solar Power Plant in Tschernobyl


Solar Power Plant in Chernobyl, Tesco to Remove ‘Best Before’ Dates on Vegetables, Deradicalizing Muslim Youth

Thirty years after the world’s worst nuclear disaster, renewable energy surges in Chernobyl; Tesco will remove ‘best before’ labels on fruits and vegetables hoping to reduce food waste; and the Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque in Berlin has recently begun a deradicalization workshop for students to take into German schools.