Fighting Online Trolls


Fighting Online Trolls, The Future of Toilets, Experiencing Autism Through Virtual Reality

#Jagärhär (#Iamhere) is a Swedish group of about 75,000 people that fight online abuse, supporting and defending those under attack; tiger worms process waste into water and compost, eliminating 99% of pathogens and 85% of solid material; “An Empathy Bridge for Autism” uses virtual reality to help people experience the sensory and motor challenges of those suffering from autism.

World’s Largest Tropical Forest


World’s Largest Tropical Forest National Park, Hiring Refugees, ‘Quieter Hour’ for Autistic Shoppers

Colombia’s tropical forest national park Serranía de Chiribiquete is the size of Denmark and has one of the highest biodiversity rates in the northern Amazon; Australian company CERES Fair Food actively hires asylum seekers; and nearly 500 UK supermarkets introduce a ‘quieter hour’ in order to provide a calmer shopping experience for autistic customers.