Negative headlines dominate media, whether it be conflicts, scandals, wars, or catastrophes. The result is a distorted, exaggeratedly negative perception of reality, which leads to hopelessness and apathy. Our hand-picked Good News edition, on the other hand, provides you with a solely positive and constructive perspective. This leads to a more realistic view of the world, inspiring and empowering us to change the status quo. ‘Good News’ provides you with a unique selection of good news, solutions to eco-social challenges and constructive journalism from around the world, which will be brought to you every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday via app and newsletter.

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Here is a reader review we absolutely loved, because it perfectly reflects our mission.

„This app is incredible. The stories that they share reassure me that our species is more about love than hate, progress than regression. The mainstream media subscribes to the “if it bleeds, it leads” philosophy, therefore, we’re inundated with bad news, but this app only shows good stuff; stuff that calms, uplifts, and unites.“ [User Review]