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The most important good news and constructive journalism from around the world delivered to you every day (Mo-Fri) via a browser extension.

With the revenue you create by your searching and browsing the web, you will be able to directly support our editorial work.

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  • Our Good News feed
  • Beautiful background images
  • A Search function enabled by the social search engine Gexsi
  • CO2-neutral search, highest data protection


  • defines the aesthetics of your browser whenever you open a new tab
  • can be installed via the Google Chrome web store with just one click
  • can also be deactivated with just one click
  • is available for Google Chrome and also compatible with Microsoft Edge


Our browser extension was created in collaboration with Gexsi, a search engine wholeheartedly committed to creating a better world. Good News provides the content and Gexsi takes care of the technical aspects. Whenever users click on a sponsored link or purchase a product through one of our affiliate partners, income is generated. This income will benefit both Good News and Gexsi:

  • Good News will be able to finance its editorial work
  • and Gexsi will support innovative, eco-social projects all around the world

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