Del Taco to Add Pea-Based "Meat"


Del Taco to Add Pea-Based “Meat”, the Psychology of Peace, Record Solar Panel Installations in Australia

Del Taco customers will soon be able to request pea-based, environmentally-friendly “meat” as an alternative to any protein in Del Taco products; Israeli researchers are running a unique experiment in order to understand the psychology behind the Israel-Palestine conflict; Australia installed almost 50 percent more rooftop panels in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the same period last year.

Solar Powering Farms and Families


Solar Powering Farms and Families in Nepal, Training Homeless to Guide Tours, Stem Cell Noah’s Ark

Solar-powered pumps increase agricultural production in Nepal and prevent farmers from migrating for the purpose of finding jobs; as tourism booms in Dublin, My Streets Ireland gives homeless new skills and a source of income; and by storing cell material in a stem cell Noah’s Ark, Norwegian researchers are paving the way to preserving critically endangered animals and providing blueprints for lab-grown meat production.

Inequality and Deforestation


Equality Reduces Deforestation, Hostel for the Homeless, Floating Solar Arrays

A new study shows that in Latin America, higher inequality leads to more deforestation, with lower inequality resulting in higher forest protections, UK sandwich chain Pret a Manger’s charitable foundation will open a hostel for homeless aiming to empower people affected by homelessness, poverty, and trauma, and in land-scarce Southeast Asia, solar arrays are now being placed on floating installations in lakes, dams, reservoirs, and at sea.

Free Public Transportation in Luxembourg


Free Public Transportation in Luxembourg, “Flying Shame”, Solar Power Transforming Communities

Luxembourg’s government seeks to end some of the world’s worst traffic congestion by lifting the fares on public transportation; as a result of the ‘flying shame’ movement in Sweden, railway bookings have risen by more than 100 percent on certain routes; and mountain communities in Mexico are training their members to install solar panels in order to create employment and regain control over land and resources.

New Era for Women in US Congress


New Era for Women in US Congress, Flood-Proof Solar Power, Fish-Friendly Ocean Energy

More than 100 women are projected to join the US House and Senate following the US midterm elections; Flood-proof clean energy; the worst floods in a century hit Kerala state in August, but India’s first floating solar panels managed to escape unscathed; and testing fish-friendly wave power, Bombora Wave Power is on its way to producing renewable energy without harming sea life.

World Leader in Ocean Protection


World Leader in Ocean Protection, Ending Homelessness with Coffee, Solar Powered Refugee Aid

The Isle of Man is showing the world how working together as a community can result in eliminating plastic from local beaches in just a decade; coffee company Change Please is hiring and training homeless people to become baristas; and in the world’s largest refugee camp solar energy is helping the HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh be more efficient in delivering aid to Rohingya refugees.

Solar Power Plant in Tschernobyl


Solar Power Plant in Chernobyl, Tesco to Remove ‘Best Before’ Dates on Vegetables, Deradicalizing Muslim Youth

Thirty years after the world’s worst nuclear disaster, renewable energy surges in Chernobyl; Tesco will remove ‘best before’ labels on fruits and vegetables hoping to reduce food waste; and the Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque in Berlin has recently begun a deradicalization workshop for students to take into German schools.