Improved Access to Contraception


Improved Access to Contraception, Providing Education to Refugees, Fighting Malnourishment in South Africa

46 million women from the 69 poorest countries have been getting access to contraception over the past six years; UNESCO has praised Chad and Uganda for providing education to refugees; and in South Africa, FoodForward SA is recovering surplus food from the consumer goods supply chain in order to provide children with healthy meals.

World Leader in Ocean Protection


World Leader in Ocean Protection, Ending Homelessness with Coffee, Solar Powered Refugee Aid

The Isle of Man is showing the world how working together as a community can result in eliminating plastic from local beaches in just a decade; coffee company Change Please is hiring and training homeless people to become baristas; and in the world’s largest refugee camp solar energy is helping the HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh be more efficient in delivering aid to Rohingya refugees.

World’s Largest Tropical Forest


World’s Largest Tropical Forest National Park, Hiring Refugees, ‘Quieter Hour’ for Autistic Shoppers

Colombia’s tropical forest national park Serranía de Chiribiquete is the size of Denmark and has one of the highest biodiversity rates in the northern Amazon; Australian company CERES Fair Food actively hires asylum seekers; and nearly 500 UK supermarkets introduce a ‘quieter hour’ in order to provide a calmer shopping experience for autistic customers.