Improved Access to Contraception


Improved Access to Contraception, Providing Education to Refugees, Fighting Malnourishment in South Africa

46 million women from the 69 poorest countries have been getting access to contraception over the past six years; UNESCO has praised Chad and Uganda for providing education to refugees; and in South Africa, FoodForward SA is recovering surplus food from the consumer goods supply chain in order to provide children with healthy meals.

World’s Largest E-Bike Fleet


World’s Largest E-Bike Fleet, Afghan Woman Scales Mt. Noshaq, Scotland Teaches LGBTI Rights

Paris’s regional transport agency will offer rentals of 10,000 e-bikes in September 2019, with plans to expand the program to 20,000; braving frostbite and the Taliban, Hanifa Yousoufi scaled Afghanistan’s highest peak, Mount Noshaq, striking a blow for gender equality; and state schools in Scotland will be required to include LGBTI inclusive education in the curriculum.

Microloans Empower Women in India


Microloans Empower Women in India, University Fights Housing Crisis, Teaching Kids About Cultures

With the help of microloans millions of marginalized families in India have started and expanded businesses, purchased essentials during emergencies, and supported their children’s education; Alabama’s Auburn University is giving its students a unique homework assignment: building homes for rural communities; and Worldwide Buddies provides a quarterly box with books, toys, and games about one specific culture to help kids embrace and empathize with those from different backgrounds.

Ending Commercial Fishing in the Arctic


Ending Commercial Fishing in the Arctic, Bangladesh’s Floating Schools, Leadership Training for Muslim Women

Nine jurisdictions, including the U.S., the E.U. and Russia have agreed to stop commercial fishing in the Arctic for the next sixteen years; despite global warming-induced flooding, floating schools are bringing education to one of Bangladesh’s poorest locations; and the Muslim Council of Britain is training women to become leaders in mosques and communities.